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  • Peter S. Carmichael
    Robert C. Fluhrer Professor of Civil War Studies, History
  • 19th Century United States history, Civil War and Reconstruction, Southern history, Public history, Cultural history
  • Allen Guelzo
    Luce Professor of Civil War Era Studies/Professor of History, Civil War Era Studies
  • Jack Ryan
    Vice Provost & Associate Professor, English
  • Elizabeth Duquette
    Associate Professor, English
  • Scott Hancock
    Associate Professor, History
  • Kent Lawrence Gramm
    Adjunct Professor, English
  • David Booz
    Adjunct Instructor, Civil War Era Studies
  • Thomas S. Dombrowsky
    Adjunct Instructor, History
  • John Rudy
    Adjunct Instructor, Civil War Era Studies
  • Diane C.F. Brennan
    Academic Administrative Assistant, Civil War Era Studies
  • Ian Andrew Isherwood
    Visiting Assistant Professor and Chairperson of CWES, Interdisciplinary Studies
  • History of War, Memory Studies, Cultural History, British History