Elizabeth Duquette

Elizabeth Duquette received her B.A. in Philosophy from Dartmouth College and her Ph.D. in American Literature from New York University. Her teaching interests include nineteenth-century American literature, transatlantic literary culture, intellectual history and critical theory. Her first book -- Loyal Subjects: Bonds of Nation, Race, and Allegiance in Nineteenth-Century America (Rutgers UP, 2010) -- explored the idea of loyalty in the postbellum United States. Working with Gettysburg graduate Cheryl Tevlin, she recently completed an edition of tales, essays, and poems by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps (University of Nebraska Press, 2014). Her current book project, Napoleonic Codes in Nineteenth-Century America, explores how nineteenth-century thinkers theorized modes of identification and recognition through the constant recirculation of the century's most famous man. In addition to these books, Duquette has published a number of articles, including "The Office of The Dead Letter," Arizona Quarterly 69:4 (2013), 25-58; “Making an Example: American Literature as Philosophy,” The Oxford Handbook of Nineteenth-Century American Literature, ed. Russ Castronovo (Oxford University Press, 2012), 343-357; "Pierre's Nominal Conversions," Melville and Aesthetics, eds. Samuel Otter and Geoff Sanborn (Palgrave, 2011), 117-135; "The Republican Mammy? Imagining Civic Engagement in Dred," American Literature 80:1 (2008), 1-28; "Accounting for Value in 'The Business Man,'" Studies in American Fiction 35:1 (2007), 3-20; "'A New Claim for the Family Renown': Alice James and the Picturesque," ELH 72 (2005), 717-745; "Embodying Community, Disembodying Race: Josiah Royce on 'Race Questions and Prejudices,'" American Literary History 16:1 (2004), 29-57; "'Tongue of an Archangel': Poe, Baudelaire, Benjamin," Translation and Literature 12:1 (2003), 18-40; "Pour faire une hamlette: Freud, Lacan, Kierkegaard," Literature and Psychology 49:1/2 (2003), 1-38; "'Reflected Usefulness': Exemplifying Conduct in Roderick Hudson," The Henry James Review 23:2 (2002), 157-175; "Speculative Cetology: Figuring Philosophy in Moby-Dick," ESQ 47:1 (2001), 33-57.


Elizabeth  Duquette

Elizabeth Duquette
Associate Professor, English

Email: eduquett@gettysburg.edu
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PhD New York University, 1998
MA New York University, 1993
BA Dartmouth College, 1985