Civil War Era Studies: Classroom to battlefield, and beyond

Civil War Era Studies

Less than half a mile. That’s how far it is from Gettysburg College’s Weidensall Hall, home of the Civil War Era Studies program, to a historic battlefield.

Where else can students immerse themselves in history and study the American Civil War mere steps from the battlefield of the War’s decisive clash?


The Civil War Era Studies (CWES) program at Gettysburg College offers students interested in learning more about the American Civil War the opportunity to study all aspects of the Civil War Era including military, social, intellectual and political history, and they get to do it from the home base of historic Gettysburg, Pa.

Of course the College’s unique location allows learning to spill over from the classroom to the battlefields of the Mid-Atlantic, including Gettysburg National Military Park, and beyond. Interested students can immerse themselves further through CWES-related programs such as the Civil War Club and the living history group on campus.

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