The following FAQs are designed to answer general questions often asked by Economics majors and minors. However, it's important to note that answers may vary based upon specific situations.  Students should contact the Economics Department Chairperson for further explanation or confirmation.

Does Econ 420 count as a "course numbered 200 or higher" for the major? 
No, it does not. Econ 420 (The Honors Research Seminar) is a course open by invitation only to students with an approved senior honors thesis proposal.

Can I take Econ 352 instead of 350 to satisfy the Quantitative Methods requirement? 
Only by permission of the Chair.

How do I know if a course I'm taking abroad satisfies a requirement of the Economics major?
Consult the Approved Study Abroad Courses information on the Economics Department website. Be sure to have the Chair sign your course approval form.            

For the Economics major, do I have to take one course numbered 250-299 and two numbered 300-399, or can I just take three numbered 300-399?
You can take three numbered 300-399.  Download the Economics Majors - Course Check List (PDF) or pick one up in the Department Office, located at 339 Carlisle Street. 

Can I use Math 107 in place of Econ 241 (Business and Economic Statistics)?
If you are an Economics major, the answer is yes, although Econ 241 is still strongly recommended.  You still need to take Econ 350 (Quantitative Methods). If you are an Economics minor, the answer is no. You need to take two other core courses.

The requirements check list for Economics minors says that I need to take Introductory Economics (Econ 101) and two other "core courses" (Econ 241, 243, 245, 249, or 350). The "bridge courses" (Econ 201-239) are prerequisites for all of the core courses but do not seem to be required for the minor. What do I do?
A bridge course is required for all Economics minors, and the core courses do require a bridge course as a prerequisite.

Can I take a course S/U and have it count towards my major or minor?

I took Psychology 205 (Statistics), then decided to declare a minor in Economics. Can I count Psych 205 as Econ 241, thereby knocking off one of the required core courses?
No, you will have to take two other core courses. But if you were a major, we'd allow it since there would be no way to get credit for Econ 241 otherwise.

Are peer tutors available for Economics? 
Yes. Please visit the Department Office, located at 339 Carlisle Street.