The culmination of any prospective teacher's preparation experience is the student teaching internship. At Gettysburg student teaching is completed under the supervision of the Education Department during a full semester of work officially known as the Education Semester. The student teaching internship, which generally lasts for around 14 weeks and must last for a minimum of 12 weeks, is physically demanding (you'll be surprised how tired teaching can make you), emotionally challenging, and intellectually rigorous; it is truly unlike any other experience you are likely to have in college. Indeed, students completing a teaching internship can fairly say that they have done something that very few people ever have the strength and fortitude to accomplish. It's tough work, but for those of us who have completed it student teaching is also among the most rewarding and satisfying things we've ever done.

On the menu to the left are links to pages containing information about the Education Semester at Gettysburg College, including eligibility requirements and thorough descriptions of what to expect during a student teaching internship. You'll also find profiles of current and past student teachers, cooperating teachers, and our field supervisors. Students interested in completing a teaching internship at Gettysburg College should carefully review the Manual for Student Teaching and should make contact with an advisor in the Education Department before the start of their sophomore year on campus.

The information contained on this website is also included in the Manual for Student Teaching and the Education Semester, which can be accessed in PDF form via the link below.

Manual for Student Teaching & The Education Semester (pdf)