One Department, Two Programs

The Education Department offer students a well-rounded and thorough examination of the nature of education as a social, cultural, philosophical, and political phenomenon, with special attention paid to the historical contexts in which the formal school system we have today developed. The foundation provided by this coursework enables both prospective teachers and students interested in studying education for other reasons the opportunity to develop a fuller and more sophisticated sense of both the promise of formal education and the challenges that educators face as they attempt to put their own visions of good teaching and good education into practice. Click here to download the Education Program Information Sheet, which summarizes our two programs in chart form.

Teacher Education

Students may choose from two "tracks" of study in the Education Department. The Teacher Education track is helloeddesigned for students who wish to pursue a career in teaching immediately after graduation. Students pursuing certification at Gettysburg College must complete required coursework, pass required certification exams, and successfully complete a series of field experiences in order to be recommended for certification. Other requirements apply as well. The Teacher Education program culminates in a student teaching internship typically completed during the fall semester of the student's senior year at Gettysburg.

If you are ready to apply for admission to the Teacher Education program, click here to download the application.

Student teachers are required to formally demonstrate their growth by collecting evidence that shows how they have interpreted the Five Principles upon which the Teacher Education program is based. The Five Principles are described in greater detail in the Curriculum & Portfolio Guide, which is linked below. More information on portfolio requirements can be obtained from your Education Advisor. You can also check requirements and guidelines associated with the Minor in Educational Studies below as well.

Curriculum & Portfolio Guidelines for Prospective Teachers

The Minor in Educational Studies

Students with an interest in teaching or in education more generally, but who are not interested in pursuing certification at the College, may choose to pursue the Minor in Educational Studies. The non-certificate minor program is designed to meet the needs of students who may wish to be certified in an area for which the Department does not offer certification (such as in the elementary grades or special education), for whom graduate study in education would be appropriate, or who simply have an itch to scratch with regard to understanding how and why our education system functions the way it does.

Regardless of the track selected, all students completing programs in the Education Department are expected to meet certain learning goals established for the program they have chosen and must document their growth as they proceed through the program they have selected. Please note that students who have been admitted to the Teacher Education Program are not eligible for the minor in Educational Studies. 

Read about the Minor in Educational Studies