Consulting & Risk Assessment

Tess Barton

Jeramiah Johnson is a geospatial project manager for Leidos in Washington, DC.

Sarah Kenney is a research analyst for XTS-Xcelle.

Michael Nemeth is a business analyst for the Advisory Board Company in Washington, DC.

Laura Cooper is an environmental analyst for Kimley-Horn & Associates in Washington, DC.

Gregory Baron is a senior consultant at Hitachi Consulting in Washington, DC. 

Tess Barton is a Senior Program Manager at Community Energy, Inc. in New York, NY.

Kristin Igusky is a climate change analyst at the consulting company, SAIC near Washington, DC.

Mike Bitting is an environmental consultant with the Stonehouse Group.

Kyle Reeves is a hydrological surveyor and engineer for Jay Cashman Inc. in Quincy, MA. He hopes to go back to graduate school to study wind energy engineering.

Tim Gard is an environmental analyst with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Ayca Ergeneman works in the Economics and Finance Group of ICF Kaiser International, an environmental consulting firm outside Washington, D.C.

Carolyn Hall combined her interests in sociology and environmental studies by pursuing a master's degree in regional planning at the University of Pennsylvania. She now works for a land-use consulting firm in New England.

Kristin Sullivan completed a Peace Corps assignment in agroforestry development in Honduras, and is now an energy analyst for PWI Energy in Philadelphia.

Craig Johnson is an associate account executive at Travelers Property and Casualty in Connecticut, working on risk assessment and litigation related to toxic waste and natural disasters. He is applying to law school.

Joe Madigan works in the insurance business as a pollution underwriter for ECS Underwriting.

Josh Mattison works in Boston for Pennoni Associates, a multi-national engineering consulting firm with offices in the United States, Japan, Mexico, and the Philippines.