FYS-172 Why Suzy Won't Take Science and Dan Won't Play with Dolls: The Role of Gender in Science

Instructor: Chairperson/Sahm Professor of Physics Sharon L. Stephenson
Department: Physics

Course Description:
When will women play major roles in science and technology? Are they already on center stage? If not, could science and technology be fundamentally unappealing to many people, in particular women? These are but a few questions to introduce us to the issues of gender in science and technology. We use gender in science and technology instead of women in science and technology purposefully, for gender refers to our societal definitions of femininity and masculinity. From homemaker to webslinger, we will study the present role of gender in science and technology using books, videos, television and websites. We will then investigate how our own perceptions of science and technology may distance feminist thinkers from these areas. Finally, we will attempt to project the future of science and technology with women as key players.