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  • Cathy Bain
    Administrative Services Assistant, French
  • Marie-Jo M. Binet
    Associate Professor, French
    Academic Focus: French and cultural studies, French and francophone film
  • Hanan El khadir
    Teaching Assistant, French
  • Laurence A. Gregorio
    Chairperson/Professor, French
    Academic Focus: 17th century pastoral and novel, philosophy of literature, Darwinian theory and literature
  • Florence Ramond Jurney
    Professor, French
    Academic Focus: Caribbean Studies, Francophone Studies, Women Studies
  • John P. Murphy
    Assistant Professor, French
    Academic Focus: Contemporary French culture and society in anthropological perspective
  • Thomas Vaillant
    Visiting Instructor, French
  • Elizabeth Richardson Viti
    Professor and Director of the Johnson Center for Creative Teaching and Learning, French
    Academic Focus: Feminism, 20th and 21st century French literature (Proust, Ernaux)