Because of its self-designed nature, students must apply to major in Globalization Studies. To apply for the major, students can download the application form, save it to their computers, and email the completed form to the Globalization Studies Advisory Committee ( (GSAC).

After familiarizing themselves with the basic program requirements, students should begin preparing their application in consultation with a GSAC faculty member.  Each faculty member has research interests and course offerings listed.

Due dates of applications for AY 2015/16 are: September 28, October 26, November 30, January 25, February 22, March 28. Your application will be reviewed by GSAC the first Monday of the month following your submission.

Request for Course Change

Students who have applied and been accepted into the major may petition to have another course count towards their thematic or regional tracks if they are unable to take the courses they originally proposed. Fill out the Request for Course Change form and save it to your computer. Then, email this to your advisor, who will approve it and forward it to one of the program co-directors, Yasemin Akbaba or Megan Sijapati.