The History faculty at Gettysburg College share a common commitment to the scholar-teacher ideal.  Each one is expert in a specific field of research but also has a proven record of success in bringing a wide variety of fields, eras, and topics alive for students. 

Although each faculty member has a unique way of designing and teaching courses, all emphasize the importance of student engagement in and outside of the classroom.  In class discussions, one-on-one consultations, and countless conversations around campus, the History faculty get to know their students and their goals and ambitions for college and beyond quite well.  


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  • Timothy J. Shannon
    Chairperson/Professor, History
  • Peter S. Carmichael
    Robert C. Fluhrer Professor of Civil War Studies, History
    Academic Focus: 19th Century United States history, Civil War and Reconstruction, Southern history, Public history, Cultural history
  • Allen Guelzo
    Henry R. Luce Professor of Civil War Era, History
  • Michael J. Birkner
    Professor, History
  • Magdalena Sofia Sanchez
    Professor, History
  • Barbara A. Sommer
    Professor, History
  • Abou B. Bamba
    Associate Professor, History
  • Scott Hancock
    Associate Professor, History
  • Dina Lowy
    Associate Professor, History
  • Jill Ogline Titus
    Associate Director of Civil War Institute, Civil War Institute Office
    Academic Focus: African American History, Public History, Modern US
  • Karim Samji
    Assistant Professor, History
  • David Putnam Hadley
    Visiting Assistant Professor, History
  • James Stephen Krysiek
    Adjunct Associate Professor, History
    Academic Focus: Twentieth-Century World History; Islam; International Relations; Nineteenth-Century British Diplomacy; Canada; The Inuit
  • Justus Grant Hartzok
    Adjunct Assistant Professor, History
    Academic Focus: Russian/Soviet History
  • Thomas S. Dombrowsky
    Adjunct Instructor, History
  • Clare J. Crone
    Academic Administrative Assistant, History
  • William D. Bowman
    Johnson Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Humanities and Professor, History
  • Ian Andrew Isherwood
    Visiting Assistant Professor and Chairperson of CWES, Interdisciplinary Studies
    Academic Focus: History of War, Memory Studies, Cultural History, British History