Courses in Quantitative Analysis
Because the study of international relations includes some experience in empirical and quantitative analysis, students whose dual major is not in the Social Sciences are strongly encouraged to take one of the following courses: Economics 241 - Introductory Economic and Business Statistics; Sociology 302 - Sociological Research Methodology; or Political Science 215 - Political Science Research Methods.

IA students are encouraged to participate in internship programs, especially those pertaining to international relations. An approved internship typically counts as one course toward the 32-course College graduation requirement. 

Career Development Internship Information

Information for Students Pursuing Interdisciplinary and Special Majors
Students who opt for the special major will normally not be able to dual major in IA because of the former's lack of a major discipline.  Students pursuing an interdisciplinary major such as Japanese Studies, Globalization Studies, or Women's Studies will be considered for admission to IA on a case-by-case basis.

International Scholarship and Fellowship Opportunities