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Administrative Perspectives on Diversity

Adolescent Development in the Urban Context

American Cultural Studies

American Epistemologies

American Presidential Leadership

American Revolutions

American Studies: Pre-Civil War Multiculturalism

American Studies: the US Constitutional Law

American Thought and Ideas

Analyzing Language in Conflict

Arabic & the Contemporary Middle East

Artistic Communication's Affect on Society

Arts, Community, and Social Justice

Behavioral Ecology

Bio-Mechanical Design

Biochemical Processes of the Brain

Biomolecular Impact on Public Health

Business, Culture, and Communication

Business, Media, and Communications

Celtic Cultural Studies

Change in Society through the Arts

Cinema Studies: Preserving the Stars

Communicating Environmental Ethics

Communication in Visual and Print Media

Communications and Visual Media

Community Relations through Organizations

Comparative Approaches to Cinema

Comparative Criminal Justice Studies

Comparative Philology

Contemporary Music Production

Contemporary Print Media and Communications

Crime and Redemption: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Criminal Minds: Law and Psychology

Cross-Cultural Aesthetics of Film

Cross-Cultural Social Psychology of the Family

Diasporic Culture: Educational Contexts

Directing in Theatre and Film

Disability Education and Advocacy

Diversity and Development in Education

Education Policy and Social Equity

Elements of Writing and Education

English Achievement through Writing

Entertainment TV and Media

Ethics, Human Rights, and Social Change

Expressive Arts Therapy

Film and Cinematography Studies

Film and Cultural Identity

Film and Film History

Film and Media Studies

Film and Screenwriting Studies

Film and Visual-Effects Studies

Film as Socio-Cultural Document

Film History

Film History, Production, and Theory

Film History, Production, and Theory

Film Studies

Film Studies and Documentary Filmmaking

Film Studies: an Aesthetic Analysis

Film Studies: History vs. Theory

Film Theory and Preservation

Film, Media and Communications

Film, Media, and Society

Gender and Rare Issues in Human Resources Management

GLBT Studies: Politics and Culture

Global Pedagogies for Math & Science

Global Perspectives on American Influence

Health Awareness in the Urban Community

Health Promotion

History & Politics of the Middle East

Human Rights and Justice in the U.S.

Human Rights, Politics and Justice

Inequalities in Education

Intercultural Dynamics in Education

Intercultural Studies through Education

Journalism and the Changing Media

Journalism and the New Media

Journalism in the Digital Age

Justice and Conflict Studies

Juvenile Law and Deviance

Language and Thought

Language in Cultural Contact

Law and the Criminal

Law, Energy, and Sustainability

Learning Experiences: Multicultural Students

Major: Film Studies: the Image, Perception & Reality

Media in the Modern World

Medieval Worlds

Mid-East Language, Culture, and Conflict

Middle East: Religion and Politics

Mind, Body, and Healing

Multicultural Studies

Museum Studies

Music, Technology and Industry

New Media: Aesthetics & Communication

Organizational Psychology and Society

Peace & Justice through Social Activism

Peace and Justice through Writing

Personality and Social Development of Children

Persuasive Media in Social Context

Philosophy of Film

Production and Analysis of Film

Profiles in Film

Psychobiology of Marine Life

Psychodrama: Theatrical Therapy

Psychology of Crime Prevention

Public Communication in Social Context

Public Discourse of Minority Issues

Race and the Just Society

Religion in American Political History

Religious Traditions and Cultures

Romance Languages and Cultures

Social Context of Public Communications

Social Issues in Journalism

Social Justice in Public Education

Socialization across Cultures

Societal Change and Popular Media

Society, History, and Democratic Thought

Sports Media Management

Storytelling through Literature

Teaching the Struggle for Freedom

Teaching U.S. Military History

Technology Management

The Person in Society

The Physics of Music

The Study of Culture through Media

The U.K. in Europe

Theater of Cinema

Theories of Politics & Society

Therapeutic Visual Arts

Therapeutic Visual Arts Studies

Therapy through Writing

U.S. Law Abroad & Human Rights

Voices of Rebellion in American History

World Languages, Concentration in Spanish

Writing and American Social History

Writing and Identity

Writing Fiction Across Media

Writing for Public Policy

Writing the Queer Self