Kathryn Durr '14 accepted into Art Therapy Master's program at Drexel University

Kathryn Durr, class of 2014, is an IDS major that chose to forge her unique path to success by designing a Therapeutic Art major that combines courses from the departments of art and psychology. Her academic efforts at Gettysburg College have led to her acceptance into Drexel University's Art Therapy Master's degree program. Kathryn knew from the moment she created her IDS major that she intended to follow the path of therapeutic art through graduate school, and her will to succeed has manifested that precise vision.

“This process has been a very difficult one over the past few years and there have been many times when I was unsure that I should continue on this path,” said Kathryn, but it was her indomitable will and the support of her companions that allowed her to continue through the valleys to reach the mountain. She said that the support of those close to her was the most important factor that helped her to achieve her goal.

 In the classroom“I don't think I would have made it to this point without Professor Stebick and Professor Strongwater. I am grateful beyond words for their support.”

Art has long been an integral part of Kathryn's life and she is grateful to have the opportunity to help others through art therapy. Specifically, she intends to bring her services to sick children, to show them the healing powers of art. She volunteered at Akron Children's hospital for five summers and was fortunate to be able to work in the art therapy wing. Of this experience Kathryn commented, “Art gave the children I worked with the ability to express the parts of their various illnesses that they could not put into words and helped a lot of them through the healing process.”

She chose art therapy instead of traditional therapy because she is interested in how art can allow people to express emotional constructs that are beyond words. Art can help people open up and communicate about traumatic events when it is too difficult or painful to use words. Not only this, but art can give people a break from thinking about their trauma.

Kathryn will begin the Master's program at Drexel University in the Fall after graduating from Gettysburg.