Film Program Goals

Overall Goals of the Film & Media Studies Program at Gettysburg College

All courses offered in Film & Media Studies are designed to fulfill a set of immediate learning goals with a view towards long-term goals that will be useful for students after they leave Gettysburg College.

The specific learning goals for Film and Media Studies are as follows:

  1. Students will understand film and other visual media as texts, analyzing in depth how they are put together.
  2. Students will understand the institutional, economic and socio/political dynamics always underpinning these media texts.
  3. Students will understand both the texts and the institutional/economic/socio-political contexts from a historical perspective to see how these change (or do not change) over time and in various places around the globe.
  4. Students will understand and critique various theories employed to generalize and explain media phenomena, including both aesthetic and cultural theories of film and visual media.
  5. Students will develop visual literacy that is well grounded in both history and theory.
  6. Students will obtain at least some firsthand experience with these media through some sort of production experience.
  7. Students will understand through media the multiple aspects of globalization.
  8. Students will be able to think and write critically about film and other visual media, which are ubiquitous phenomena in the present day.

  9. The long-term goals of this program, whether for minors, self-made majors, or those who only take a course or two, are designed both for those who will work in the media industries in some capacity and those who will work in other fields.

  10. Those who end up working in either the production or business sides of the industry will have a better understanding of the larger context and issues at play affecting their specific area of specialization. (This includes both the production and business sides of media industries.)
  11. Those who take these courses will have a greater visual literacy which will be to their advantage in today’s media saturated world even if they do not end up working in the media field. (This will be to everyone’s advantage, even those who end up working in business, law, public service, etc.)
  12. All who take these courses will attain a set of critical skills allowing them to analyze both written and visual texts. (This will be to everyone’s advantage, even those who end up working in business, law, public service, etc.)
  13. Those who take these courses, or major or minor in the field, will be provided ample opportunities to hone their verbal and writing skills to demonstrate all of the above. (This is a key skill in every walk of life even in our supposedly “post-literate” age.)