Peace and Justice Studies (PJS) is a multidisciplinary minor that explores the causes and nature of conflict and war, the connections between violence, terrorism, war and social life, and models of peace-building, healing, and reconciliation in the resolution and transformation of conflict.

Students who minor in Peace and Justice Studies are encouraged to explore opportunities relevant through fieldwork, service learning, internships, and study abroad.

What the Minor in Peace and Justice Studies Teaches

The Peace and Justice Studies minor teaches knowledge, attitudes, and skills that promote reflection on peace and peace-building. Focusing on connections between poverty, economics, state policy, environment, technology, war, and gender and ethnic relations, Peace and Justice Studies seeks to create a finely-tuned sensitivity to the causes of violence and injustice both domestically and abroad. Peace and Justice Studies also seeks to help students explore constructive and creative strategies for redressing injustices and reducing levels of violence.