Research Links

Italy travels to each student's desktop via the world of online information that is available! The following web links - some sites are in Italian, some in English -- are categorized by topic for at-a-glance use. 

General Information About Italy

Windows on Italy (in English)
Railways (in Italian)
Italian Embassy in London (in English)
Legambiente (in Italian)
Bologna (in Italian)
Firenze (in Italian)
Genova (in Italian)
Milano (in Italian)
Roma (in Italian)
Sardegna (in Italian)
Torino (in Italian)

Grammar Review (in Italian)
Dizionario Garzanti (in Italian)

Updated bibliography (in Italian)
Abi Web. Associazione Italiana Biblioteche (in Italian)
Biblioteca italiana telematica (in Italian)
Liber liber (in Italian)
Tuttitalia letteratura (in Italian)
Middle Ages (in Italian)
The Columbia Dante Project (in Italian)
The Princeton Dante Project (in Italian)

Magazines (in Italian)

Italian Museums (in Italian)
Medici Archive Database (in English)

Newspapers (in Italian)
Corriere della sera
La Repubblica
La Stampa
Il Manifesto
Il Sole 24 Ore

Television, Cinema, Music And Theatre
Italian TV, Italica Projecty (in Italian)
Rivista del cinematografo (in Italian)
Cinema italiano (in Italian)
KW Cinema (in Italian)
Teatro La Scala (in Italian)

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