Colloquium Series

Spring 2016

February 25th: Lorelei Koss, Professor of Mathematics, Dickinson College
Differential Equations and the Humanities

March 17th:  Math Course Extravaganza

March 24th: Sebastian Cioaba, Associate Professor of Mathematics, University of Delaware
Graphs, Matrices and Eigenvalues

March 31st: Emese Kennedy, Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Muhlenberg College
Swing-up and Stabilization of a Single Inverted Pendulum on a Cart

April 7th:  Nicholas Owad, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
The Infinite Hotel 

April 21st:  Senior Capstones
Madison Hill, Modeling Galloping Gertie: Using PDEs to Examine the Collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge
Kodie McNamara, A Day at the Races: Optimizing the Pari-mutuel Betting System
Casey Stickney, Dealing with Pai Gow Poker

April 26th:  Senior Capstones
Tessa Thorsen, Wavelet Methods for Edge Detection

Tyler Gould, Analyzing Swimming Records: Are People Getting Faster in the Pool?
Xiaotong Zou, Why is a Regular 13-gon not Constructible?
Angelica Klosky, Solving Hashiwokakero as a Constraint Satisfaction Problem

April 28th:  Senior Capstones
Beth Matys, Flipping a Coin over the Phone
Kyle Furlong, Ranked FYS Assignment at Gettysburg College

Calvin Baxter, Costas Arrays: How Not to Start a Band

April 28th:  Mathematical Research Symposium
James Arps
Sam Edwards
Bailey Heath
Angelica Klosky
Marion McKenzie
Michael Moore
Adrian Navarro
Erik Wendt
Yupeng Yin

Fall 2015

September 24, 2015: Beth Matys and Sam Edwards
Math Summer Research Presentations

October 8, 2015: Dick Forrester, Chair and Associate Professor, Dickenson College
Optimal Crop Rotation at the Dickinson College Organic Farm

October 22, 2015: Dr. Lake Bookman, Yale Universty
Solitons and Nanomagnetic Devices

October 29, 2015: Kelly Collins and Abby Tootell
Summer Internahips

November 12, 2015: Dr. Katherine Crowley
Mathematics and Policy: Strategies for Effective Advocacy

December 3, 2015, Senior Capstones
Kevin Campbell, Falling Sand
Kelly Collins,
Finding  Sum-Free Sets: The Signed and Restricted Case

December 8, 2015, Senior Capstones
Zachary Miller, Max-Plus Algebra and its Applications
Melanie Hazlett,
Fingerprint Identification Systems and the Haar Wavelet Transformation
Sarah Scott,
Going Viral: The Social Media Bug

December 10, 2015, Senior Capstones
Kenneth Lewis,
Exploring Chaos and Periodic Functions
Timothy Meinert, Moving in Circles: The Mathematics of Periodic Motion

December 10, 2015, Mathematics Research Symposium
Yasmine Perry
Elijah Carrick
Aawaz Raj Pokhrel
Angelica Klosky
Sam Edwards







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