Colloquium Series

Fall 2015

September 24, 2015: Beth Matys and Sam Edwards
Math Summer Research Presentations

October 8, 2015: Dick Forrester, Chair and Associate Professor, Dickenson College
Optimal Crop Rotation at the Dickinson College Organic Farm

October 22, 2015: Dr. Lake Bookman, Yale Universty
Solitons and Nanomagnetic Devices

October 29, 2015: Kelly Collins and Abby Tootell
Summer Internahips

November 12, 2015: Dr. Katherine Crowley
Mathematics and Policy: Strategies for Effective Advocacy

December 3, 2015, Senior Capstones
Kevin Campbell, Falling Sand
Kelly Collins,
Finding  Sum-Free Sets: The Signed and Restricted Case

December 8, 2015, Senior Capstones
Zachary Miller
Melanie Hazlett
Sarah Scott

December 10, 2015, Senior Capstones
Kenneth Lewis,
Exploring Chaos and Periodic Functions
Timothy Meinert, Moving in Circles: The Mathematics of Periodic Motion

December 10, 2015, Mathematics Research Symposium
Yasmine Perry
Elijah Carrick
Aawaz Raj Pokhrel
Angelica Klosky
Sam Edwards







Past Colloquia