Courses in mathematics build a strong foundation for a career in the field and for an expanding range of other fields that require sophisticated understanding of mathematics. Faculty work closely with you to instill an appreciation of the intrinsic purity and precision of mathematics and its practical value in the social and natural sciences.

Recognizing the ways computers have contributed to a modern renaissance in mathematics, the department integrates computer technology in problem solving, using a range of sophisticated computer tools and educational programs such as Mathematica and MATLAB.

Many students work one-on-one with faculty on mathematical research projects. Past projects delved into everything from number theory and chaotic dynamics to hurricane evacuation plans and the number of people a room can hold and still make it possible for a safe exit in an emergency.

Mathematics majors have gone on to great success in graduate programs and careers in mathematics and science, as well as a wide range of other careers including education, law, management, medicine, and engineering.