Requirements for the Mathematics Major 

The Mathematics Major consists of the following courses:

  • Mathematics 111 (or 105-106), 112, 211, 212, and 215
  • Computer Science 107 or 111; CS 103 may be counted by majors graduating before 2016.
  • Four 300-level Mathematics courses, which must include at least one selected from Mathematics 315, 321, or 331
  • Math 403, the Mathematics capstone course
  • One additional elective at the 200-level or above

Students considering graduate study in mathematics are advised to take both Mathematics 321 and 331.

Requirements for the Mathematics Minor

The minor in mathematics consists of six mathematics courses numbered 111 or higher, including at least one course at the 300 level.

Grade Requirements

All courses taken to satisfy the requirements for the major or minor must be taken using the A–F grading system. To advance to a course with prerequisites, a minimum grade of C– is required for each prerequisite course.