Student Research

One of the best ways to develop a depth of understanding of mathematics is to conduct mathematics research, and Gettysburg offers a variety of opportunities for students to become involved in research. Many students collaborate with faculty on advanced research projects on campus during the academic year or in the summer, and the department also helps students find off-campus summer research opportunities. Research adds new dimensions to your learning, giving you experience that significantly strengthens both your job résumé and your application to graduate schools. Many students give talks on their research at regional and national conferences.

Student Scholarly Engagement Program

Research Experiences for Undergrads


Research Experiences Through Jobs & Internships

  • There are many mathematics job opportunities at J. P. Morgan Chase and other financial institutions, including summer internships. Deadlines for summer internships are typically at the beginning of October.

  • The National Security Agency (NSA) offers internships, a co-op program, and scholarships. The Cryptanalysis and Exploitation Services Summer Program is one example suited for Math majors.


Research On-Campus

Capstone Projects

  • Sam Edwards
    The Classification of Division Algebras
  • Samantha Cross
    Holy Inpainting, Batman! Wavelets in Digital Image Inpainting
  • Luke DiLuigi
     Ensuring a Secure Transmission
  • Abigail Tootell
    Presidential Primaries:  Using Optimization to Measure Democracy

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