Awards & Prizes

Chan L. Coulter Philosophy Award

Chan L. Coulter Philosophy Award was established by the Department of Philosophy in honor of Chan L. Coulter, Professor of Philosophy from 1958-1995, to be presented to a student whose achievements in philosophy display excellence and creativity and exemplify the spirit of inquiry so essential to the examined life.

2013-2014 recipient

Rebecca Sponenburg

Phi Beta Kappa Recipients

Andrew Bellis, Chelsea Broe, Rebecca Johnson, Rebecca Sponenburg, Alex Sirugo, Kathryn Tolley

Departmental Honors

Alexsandra Bargiacchi, Andrew bellis, Chelsea Broe, Ellen Henry, Rebecca Johnson, Darren McAuliffe, Jenny Morris, Stephen Setman, Alex Sirugo, Rebecca Sponenburg, Charles Strasbaugh, Kathryn Tolley, Allie Ward

Departmental Banner Carrier

Ellen Henry

Suzanne Clark Senior Thesis Award

Charles Strasbaugh

Tarek A. Tannous Memorial Award

Wes Jackson

Graduating Seniors Majoring in Philosophy