Physics Department faculty seek to present each of their students with a clear and cohesive picture of what the study of physics entails, and what makes Gettysburg outstanding among college physics programs.

Each faculty member serves to enable students to actively assume responsibility for and control of their studies with thorough information about what demands, opportunities, and rewards to anticipate here and after graduation. 

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  • Kurt Andresen
    Associate Professor, Physics
    Academic Focus: Electrostatics in biological systems, small-angle x-ray scattering, biological polyelectrolytes (DNA, RNA, nucleosomes)
  • John Bryson
    Laboratory Instructor, Physics
  • Ian R. Clarke
    Laboratory Instructor II and Director of Hatter Planetarium, Physics
  • Bret E. Crawford
    Professor, Physics
  • Craig Foltz
    Laboratory Instructor, Physics
    Academic Focus: Extragalactic Astronomy, Astronomical Instrumentation, Science Policy
  • Timothy N. Good
    Ronald J. Smith Professor of Applied Physics, Physics
  • Gary Hummer
    Electronics Technician, Physics
  • Ryan Edward Johnson
    Assistant Professor, Physics
    Academic Focus: Observational astronomy, multiwavelength observations and interpretations of galaxy clusters
  • Jacquelynne B. Milingo
    Associate Professor, Physics
  • James G. Puckett
    Assistant Professor, Physics
    Academic Focus: Soft condensed matter physics
  • Yoshihiro Sato
    Assistant Professor, Physics
    Academic Focus: Theoretical and Computational Physics
  • Sharon L. Stephenson
    Chairperson/Sahm Professor of Physics, Physics
    Academic Focus: Nuclear Structure Physics
  • Kristi Waybright
    Casual Staff, Physics
    Academic Administrative Assistant, Physics