Summer Internship Experience: Shelby Leeds '14

by Shelby Leeds '14

This summer I have been interning at High Road School of Norwalk. I have been in the classroom serving in the role of a teacher and have been teaching a special social skills program. The theme of the program is "Wild, Wild, West" and I am teaching the kids the importance of public speaking and how to be respectful when others are speaking. All of the students are at this school because they have extreme academic and behavioral difficulties. We use a point and reward system to put a behavior modification program in place. We also have a lot of one-on-one teacher to student time in order to give the students the educational support they need.

I absolutely love my students and love the school I am in. I feel that Gettysburg giving me the opportunity to receive course credit for this is very beneficial because this is a huge learning experience that I will take a lot from.