Summer Internship Experience: Samantha Lee '16

Samantha LeeSamantha Lee '16 interned this summer for the Freedom Foundation in Selma, Alabama.

by Samantha Lee '16

About my internship:
The Freedom Foundation hosts alternative breaks and immersion projects throughout the year, which is the group from which their interns are chosen from. The main purpose of the Foundation is to promote equality and justice and freedom, but they have come to focus on children of several towns across the country, especially in the violent-filled, impoverished, segregated city of Selma.

They created a theatre/dance group called the Random Acts of Theatre Company to encourage kids in their love of the arts and to be themselves. RATCo is focused on children, but everyone really is a RATCo kid. As interns, we lead the Art Camp and musical-this summer, the Lion King-that RATCo puts on for the children of Selma. We were camp counselors, mentors, friends, and family to these children in the most amazing way possible. My specific internship was the assistant director for the Lion King, which had me doing some administrative work, working with different groups rehearsing, and just supporting the director.

We went to several sites and museums to learn about the Civil Rights Movement and current civil and human rights issues, but we also spent a lot of time with the Foundation members and the RATCo kids, getting to know them and learning from them.

What will stay with me:

I learned a lot about freedom and how to be myself and encourage others to be themselves. I also saw how art and music and dance can help people in caged situations, such as poverty or violence or segregation. RATCo is a place for everyone, no matter age, color, home, class, or any other divider. You’re there to help the kids, but you end up learning so much more from them.

This is a very unique internship-if you want to go into public service and youth development, you’ll learn about the field, but you get so much more than just something to put on your resume and give you experience in the work force.