Summer Internship Experience: Ben Rodgers '15

Ben Rodgers '15 interned as an Intake Intern at the Berks County Children and Youth Services (BCCYS) in Reading, PA this summer.

In the intake department, caseworkers receive reports of allegations of child abuse that range anywhere from general abuse (e.g. lack of food, water, supplies) to physical abuse and sexual abuse. Over the course of the summer I helped caseworkers investigate parents’ homes and situations after reports are received and before a decision is made on the course of action. The main purpose of the agency is to keep families together and help them in any way possible.

This experience has been one of the most life-changing and eye-opening experiences any student could get for the summer. I learned a massive amount of information regarding child welfare, social work, agencies and how to work with families that come from all different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. It was definitely a great experience.

Although the internship is not a psychology one, it did help me gain a great deal of knowledge on social systems in the government and counties. The one downside to the internship is the long hours that you have to work but the work is rewarding. It is good to help families in need that want to get help, but sometimes the work is very difficult. I spoke to my supervisor often about the job and the field of work and I now believe her when she first told me that this internship will not be like any other you can imagine.