Psychology requires only ten courses for a major. This provides students with  maximum flexibility to explore other disciplines and integrate that new knowledge into their ongoing study of psychology.

  • A hallmark of the Gettysburg psychology major is its focus on research.
  • In fact, all majors take two advanced research laboratory courses, and many conduct independent research, working one-on-one with a faculty mentor.

Double Major/Minor:  With early planning, many psychology majors double major in psychology and one of the other disciplines, or minor in neuroscience or education. 

Departmental Honors are awarded to graduating majors who have:

  • Demonstrated academic excellence in course work in the major (in the combined judgment of the faculty), and
  • Completed an individualized empirical research project, honors research, or an honors thesis.

Psychology Major Requirements

Psychology Course Curriculum

Prerequisite Course

  • Psychology 101: General Psychology

Other Psychology Courses (must be taken in sequence)

  • Psychology 205: Introduction to Statistics
  • Psychology 305: Experimental Methods
  • Psychology 341: History of Experimental Psychology

200-Level Courses:

Prerequisites for "Group A" Labs: (must take 2)

  • Psy 215-Human Cognition
  • Psy 216-Sensation and Perception
  • Psy 236-Intro to Brain and Behavior
  • Psy 237-Psychopharmacology
  • Psy 238-Cognitive Neuroscience

Prerequisites for "Group B" Labs: (must take 2)

  • Psy 210-Cultural Psychology
  • Psy 214-Social Psychology
  • Psy 221-Basic Dynamics of Personality
  • Psy 225-Developmental Psychology: Infancy and Childhood*
  • Psy 226-Developmental Psychology: Adolescence*

*Please Note: majors are strongly encouraged to take an additional Group B 200-level even if they've already completed Psych 225 & 226.

Advanced Laboratory Courses (taken in separate semesters)

Group A: (must take 1)

  • Psy 315-Thinking and Cognition (prereq: 215, 305)
  • Psy 316-Perception (prereq: 216, 305)
  • Psy 317-Memory and Social Cognition (prereq: 215, 305)
  • Psy 336-Behavioral Neuroscience (prereq: 236 or 237, 305)
  • Psy 338-Laboratory in Cognitive Neuroscience (prereq: 238, 305)

Group B: (must take 1)

  • Psy 310-Cultural Psychology Lab (prereq: 210, 305)
  • Psy 314-Experimental Social Psychology (prereq: 214, 305)
  • Psy 321-Experimental Personality Psychology (prereq: 221, 305)
  • Psy 327-Experimental Cognitive Development (prereq: 225 or 226, 305)
  • Psy 328-Laboratory in Social and Personality Dev. (prereq: 225 or 226, 305)

Additional Courses

  • Psy 326-Abnormal Psychology (prereq: Any two 200-level psychology courses)
  • Psy 400-Seminar (prereq: permission of instructor)
  • Psy 450-453-Individualized Study Tutorial (prereq: permission of instructor)
  • Psy 460-463-Individualized Study Empirical Research (prereq: permission of instructor)
  • Psy 464-Honors Research (by invitation of Department only)
  • Psy 470-473-Individualized Study Internship (see Internship Coordinator)
  • Psy 474-475-Individualized Study Summer Internship (see Internship Coordinator)
  • Psy 466-Honors Thesis (by invitation of Department only)

Other Laboratory Courses (not in Psychology)

  • Choose two laboratory courses in the Division of Natural Sciences from among those that will satisfy the natural science requirement..

Important Notes for Majors:

  • Psychology 205 and 305 are prerequisites for all lab courses.
  • Majors must earn a grade of C or better in both Psychology 205 and 305.
  • Psychology 205 may not be repeated for the major.

Capstone Experience

Majors must complete a capstone experience, which will provide evidence of the mastering of significant content and the communication conventions of the major. 

  • The capstone for psychology majors entails the completion of two advanced psychology laboratory courses.
  • More information about capstone projects can be obtained from the department.