EI Fellows shoot for the stars, immerse themselves in U.S. space policy

Q&A with Shirley Anne Warshaw, the Harold G. Evans Chair of Eisenhower Leadership Studies and professor of political science

This year, the Eisenhower Institute’s 2013-2014 Undergraduate Fellows and the Harold G. Evans Chair of Eisenhower Leadership Studies, Shirley Anne Warshaw, Ph.D., have been studying the past, present and future of space policy in the United States.

Programs on U.S. space policy included all-campus panel discussions on different aspects of U.S. space policy featuring experts from both the public and private sector. The programs, which included in-depth sessions on the militarization of space, the internationalization of space, the privatization of space, and the exploration of space, were created, developed, and managed by the EI Undergraduate Fellows. In order to build campus excitement for the programs, the Fellows placed several life-sized cardboard astronauts across campus. Pictures of the space shuttle, the International Space Station, and the Mars rover rotated across televisions in public spaces as part of the Fellows continuing efforts to engage the campus in the evolving U.S. space programs.

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