Public Policy


All Public Policy majors are required to have another major in addition to Public Policy.

All public policy majors are required to take:

  • Pol Sci 101 or Pol Sci 104
  • Pol Sci 221 Intro to Public Policy
  • Econ 103 or Econ 104
  • Pub Pol 400 (capstone)

An additional six requirements can be filled in a variety of ways:

Courses that Fulfill the Stats I Requirement
BIO 260 Biostatistics
ECON 241 Introductory Economics and Business Statistics
HS 232 Statistics for Health Sciences
MATH 107 Applied Statistics
OMS 235 Statistical Methods
POL 215 Methods in Political Science
PSYCH Introduction to Statistics
SOC 302 Research Methods
SOC 303 Data Analysis and Statistics

Courses that Fulfill the Values and Public Policy Requirement
ES 225 Introduction to Environmental Humanities
HS 320 Public Health
HS 322 Global Health
PHIL 105 Contemporary Moral Issues
PHIL 230 Ethics
PHIL 222 Philosophical Perspectives of Justice
PHIL 218 Gender and Identity
PHIL 219 Philosophy of Peace and Nonviolence
PHIL 224 Philosophy and Human Rights
PHIL 318 Ethics, Choices and Economic Life
PHIL 364 Philosophy of Law
PHIL 328 Deliberative Democracy
REL 331 Religion and Technology
REL 320 Religion and Colonialism

Courses that Fulfill the Economic Theory and Public Policy Requirement
ECON 211 American Economic History
ECON 212 African Econ Development & History
ECON 213 East Asian Economies
ECON 214 Latin American Economic History & Development
ECON 215 Economics of Transition
ECON 216 Political Economy of Oil
ECON 217 British Economic History
ECON 221 Current Issues in Economics
ECON 222 Issues in Environmental and Resource Economics
ECON 223 Topics in Political Economy
ECON 232 Gender & Economics
ECON 233 Economics and Race
ECON 234 Economics of Sports
ECON 235 The Great Depression
ECON 243 Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECON 245 Intermediate Microeconomics

Courses that Fulfill the Policy and Policy Making Requirement
HIST 236 Urbanism in American History
HIST 248 Poverty and Welfare in American History
POL 242 United States Foreign Policy
POL 251 Political Economy Advanced Industrialized Societies
POL 252 North-South Dialogue
POL 324 Executive Policy Making
POL 327 State Politics and Policy
POL 333 Environmental Policy
POL 340 Models & Policy Analysis
POL 344 U.S. National Security Policy
POL 351 The Political Economy of Armed Conflict
POL 211 Intro East Central European Politics
POL 223 U.S. Congress
POL 224 The American Presidency
POL 225 American Constitutional Law
POL 260 West European Politics
POL 261 Intro East Central European Politics
POL 265 African Politics
POL 270 Government & Politics in China
POL 271 Government and Politics in Japan
POL 275 Latin American Politics
POL 312 Transitions to Democracy
POL 321 Gender in American Politics
POL 322 Civil Rights & Liberties
POL 323 Religion and Politics in the United States
POL 362 Peasants, Politics & Rebellion

No more than three courses used to fulfill the requirements of a student’s first major may count toward the Public Policy major.