Religious studies grads set to excel in an increasingly globalized society

Jennifer Robinson Ewing ’05 and Carin Goodall Rogosky ’04 earned a cross-cultural perspective through their Gettysburg College experience

Each year, Gettysburg College students are hired throughout the country and around the world, where they work alongside individuals of various backgrounds, traditions, and beliefs to complete tasks and achieve common goals.

Gettysburg’s Department of Religious Studies prepares students to succeed in an increasingly globalized society by teaching students to observe the world through a multicultural lens.

“The academic study of religion opens the door to new and exciting worlds of study, and a religious studies major at Gettysburg College opens the door to all types of career options,” said Prof. Charles (Buz) Myers, associate professor of religious studies.

Attorney Jennifer Robinson Ewing ’05 and pediatric nurse Carin Goodall Rogosky ’04 are two of the program’s grads now utilizing their undergraduate degrees to excel in careers in law, medicine, business, government, education, and many other disciplines.

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