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Allison Rudolph '09

AllisonAs a project manager conducting research and program evaluations of teacher professional development and pre-service teacher preparation programs, I continue to use the skills I developed while obtaining my degree in sociology. I frequently conduct literature reviews to guide the language and formatting of survey instruments I develop to garner participant feedback. When analyzing student data to determine the effect of professional development opportunities for teachers on their students' achievement, I refer to the quantitative measurement course I took. All the papers synthesizing theorists provided me with the chance to hone my writing skills in preparation for creating documents that provide my clients with actionable information about their program and its effects. Posted February 9, 2017

Wandiba Solly '12

WandibaSollyI am a City Service Corp member working at the NYC-Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) and on reducing health disparities and advancing equity. There are four bureaus within this division and I am working in the Early Childhood Health and Development (ECHD) unit. My project is in collaboration with a Medicaid Managed Care Organization (MMCO) to implement a set of evidence based programs, intended to promote and improve early childhood health and development, to their pediatric primary care providers. Posted February 9, 2017



Margaret Coon '14

MargaretCoonI wondered how my degree in sociology would benefit me in the real world, and I have to admit, there is no way I would be successful in my current position at a global HR/Finance company without the skills I acquired from my time spent studying sociology. The professors I had and the courses I took exposed me to the value and importance of being an engaging, and personable individual and employee.  I work with a diverse group of people every single day.   Because of my sociological background, I have been able to develop meaningful relationships with these individuals that open my network to endless possibilities.  If I had one piece of advice to give to any undergraduates unsure of their life after Gettysburg, it would be, don’t worry…you will be fine! Cheers! Posted January 2017

Nitzie G. Flores-Hidalgo '12

I am currently studying at the Escuela de Graduados de Administration y Gobierno Publico (the Graduate School of Public Administration and Government), the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education), in Mexico City. I am in the Master’s Program in International Studies that focuses on the relations between states and nations. Sociology has allowed me to understand more thoroughly the principle organizational structure of a society, and the importance of understanding the influences of globalization and the social context of the state to make appropriate political and economic decisions. More importantly, my major in Sociology has prepared me with skills to handle the writing and reading demands of the Master’s program. Sociology has also allowed to me to understand myself a whole a lot better as I had to move back to a country that I was from but had not lived in for years. It was interesting to be back in a society where the norms, values, and rules that I had been taught could actually be applied. Dealing with individuals on a daily basis, going to school, being back in my home country, and just living life, have allowed me to put to use not just my sociological imagination but also my Liberal Arts education at Gettysburg College. Posted September 26, 2012


Christina Laporte '10

ChristinaI am in the U.S. Army, as a Chinese Cryptologic Linguist. In brief, my job is the detection and acquisition of foreign communication using signals equipment. My training was 2 years long, which first consisted of attending the Defense Language Institute and taking their basic Chinese course, becoming fluent in Chinese in 63 weeks, then specific job training on how exactly to do my job. I'm currently stationed in Hawaii working alongside NSA and other soldiers in the military intelligence field. Studying sociology in college enabled me to pinpoint my specific interest, which was the field of criminal justice. I always wanted to work in a federal agency, and this is just step one in accomplishing this goal. By using my military experience alongside my sociology education, and newly obtained language skills, I hope to be able to transition to a government agency when the time is right. Classes in sociology such as Criminology really fostered my interest in the field, and the knowledge from my sociology courses is something I always reflect on. Posted September 19, 2012

Julie Lindenman '08

My current position is as a wedding & events coordinator for I Do New York,a small division of a successful events company called Event Design Incorporated, based out of Manhattan. I am in direct contact with brides and grooms 7 days a week, planning what is said to be the most important day of one's life. Majoring in Sociology has made me appreciate and feel comfortable working with a diverse group of clients, feeling as though my understanding of different cultures and social groups makes it easy to connect with each couple and understand their wedding needs.

This company in particular focuses on wedding ceremonies in Central Park. Not only did I feel that Sociology cut me out for this type of position as I am constantly working around people, but it has made me consider the social importance of a wedding day. Whether I'm dissecting how the Americanization of weddings affects brides' choices, to admiring the different wedding rituals and traditions that change from culture to culture, it has been a fascinating position to hold, being so up close & personal in the coordination of a couple's special day.

From exploring the changing views of courtship and marriage in today's society, to speculating a feminist critique of weddings, to analyzing the finances behind a single day in someone's life, I can see an entire class growing out of my daily experiences. Not only am I glad I majored in Sociology to bring me to where I am today, but also I find myself still applying what I learned at Gettysburg to my everyday life. Posted June 19, 2011.

Chelsea PeckChelsea Peck '10

I am currently an Assistant Account Executive/Assistant Media Planner for ID Media in New York, NY. ID Media is the largest direct response company in the U.S, which guides leading advertisers on how to manage their media investments in today's fast-changing marketplace. The GC sociology major has provided me with fundamental business, analytical, and social skills. I can apply sociology in all facets of the media sales and advertising industry. My background in statistics and methods are very helpful in my current position, and my capstone project in consumer spending greatly influenced my decision to look for a position in marketing and advertising.  My position assists in the development of media plans and with the day-to-day management of their assigned accounts, more specifically American Express.  I also assist in all aspects of the media process, from plan development, to implementation, billing, and ongoing results analysis. Plus I'm very enthusiastic about TV ad sales, so I'm willing to stay on top of news and trends.

Since this job entails social interaction with clients and co-workers, I can utilize my skills in sociology on a daily basis. Additionally, ID Media has an open and energetic office environment, and was recognized in 2008, 2009 and 2010 by Crain's New York Business as one of the Best Places to Work in New York City!  This position is a great fit for me, and sociology will certainly help further my career in this industry. Posted February 8, 2011

Li Fong Chen '08

Climbing the Great Wall I am currently a Research Analyst at Outcome Evaluation for Northside Center for Child Development (NCCD) in New York, NY. What brought me here was the opportunity to not only utilize my analytical skills and research experience, but to also work toward bettering the lives of the children and families in the Harlem community.

The GC sociology major prepared me for my career in the most direct sense. My job revolves around research design, data collection, statistics, and presentations-- which are certainly aspects of the GC sociology curriculum! As a member of a small research department, I routinely take on multiple concurrent projects to meet competing demands. Ask any GC student and they'll tell you a thing or two about balancing competing demands!

Now more than ever, companies need a systematic way to show their grant funders that they are using monies in a meaningful way. After Statistics 303 with Professor Phua, I never thought I would utter the phrase "statistically significant" ever again! But just last week, I found those long nights studying for his exams particularly helpful when I needed to explain this concept to a Board Member. Think quick! Posted Feb 2010

allison Allison Caras'08

Sociology has made me notice little details every day at work.  For example, we are required to use guests' last names when speaking with them. When I first meet a male and female couple, I am always sure to ask if they share a last name or if they have different names.  My experience in student-professor research actually assisted me to get a recent promotion.  In March 2010, I will move from Guest Reception to become the Assistant to the Director of Rooms. The experience researching with Professor Phua (Sociology) and Professor Bloomquist (Africana Studies) has taught me to look at the bigger picture of a project, sharpened my analytical skills, and helped me have more structure and discipline in resolving issues.  I used it during a panel interview as an example for commitment, accountability, and having a big-picture vision.  These skills will also be useful to my new position because I'll be on my own for the most part. I will work with others to create independent projects for myself and  will present the results to the hotel operations managers at their weekly meetings.  (I can't wait to get started!)  Posted Feb 2010

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