The major in sociology looks at how societies are organized and how they function, examining factors that affect social structure and interaction.

Courses explore such topics as family, power, religion, culture, deviance, and discrimination. They probe the construction and consequences of diversity and inequality, looking at race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, and other indices of difference. Students become immersed in the study of social reality, analyze social structures and processes, and come away with a greater understanding of social change, global and local diversity, and the power of culture as a shaping force.

Independent research and study abroad are popular among sociology majors. Students have studied family and gender in Florence, Italy, examined perceptions of gay and lesbian college students, and researched the factors that affect high school graduation rates for teen mothers. 

These and other experiences are excellent preparation for graduate study and careers in fields such as law, human services, education, business, and public policy.