Oversees programs are a wonderful way to learn about Theatre Arts beyond U.S. borders. In fact, 50% of the department's majors and minors study abroad!  Students can experience a variety of international theatre arts opportunities in such places as Bath, Lancaster, and London, United Kingdom; Italy; Australia; Argentina; Spain; France; Germany, and Japan. 

  • There are Gettysburg-affiliated programs specifically geared toward performance in England, Australia, Italy, and Argentina. Students don't necessarily need to be fluent in the language; often, courses are taught in English.
  • Students who go to Bath study with Oxford University professors and take side trips during their courses through a program called ASE (Advanced Studies in England).
  • Students who study at Lancaster University can also spend a month studying in London beforehand with a Gettysburg College professor, prior to the Lancaster Study Abroad program.
  • Other students have studied acting and commedia dell 'arte in Italy; set design and construction in Australia; acting and lighting design in Argentina, and puppetry in Japan.

Students interested in studying abroad can contact the Center for Global Education for more information.