What Counts?

The admissions process at Gettysburg is highly selective and the admissions staff gives careful consideration to each application. We expect students to make the most of the academic offerings of their high school.

Participation in a solid college preparatory program with enriched, accelerated, and advance placement courses is expected. Grades in academic courses, quality and distribution of subjects, and rank in class (when applicable) are highly significant parts of the applicant’s credentials.

The College is also very interested in individuals of character who will make positive contributions to the campus community and beyond. In estimating such qualities, we rely on what students say about themselves through essays, along with the recommendations from secondary school counselors and teachers. In-depth involvement in extracurricular and community service activities both inside and outside of school is favorably considered in the admissions process.

SAT 1 or ACT scores are not required, but may be submitted as self-reported or official scores, if you choose. (View our test optional policy for more information.) Should you choose to submit standardized test scores, the highest section scores of both the ACT and SAT will be considered in the admissions process.

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