Information for the Class of 2020

We'll keep this page updated with helpful information and resources. If you have any questions you can reach out directly to Nick Redman ’12, Associate Director of Alumni Relations, at


To stay up to date on Commencement for the Class of 2020, visit the College Commencement website.

Email Accounts

You can continue to use your Gettysburg College email account after graduation, but around July 4, you will have to change how you sign in.

Instead of signing in as, you must sign in as

Even though your sign-in user name will end with "" you will still receive email addressed to your address.

If you need to reset your password, follow these instructions. If you still need help, contact

Moodle, PeopleSoft, and Gettysburg College Network Accounts

Your Moodle account, student CNAV account, PeopleSoft Student Center and Campus Mobile accounts, and access to networked drives will terminate in early July. You will not have access to any files or content on these platforms after that time, so make sure you copy or download everything you need.


To request an official copy of your Gettysburg College transcript, follow the instructions provided by the Office of the Registrar.

You will have access to your unofficial transcript via student CNAV until early July. (After early July, you will need an alumni CNAV account to access your unofficial transcript. Learn about alumni CNAV.)

If you need help, please write, and include your full name, your class year, and your major(s).

Career Resources

Alumni Directory

The Gettysburg College online alumni directory has records on all Gettysburg College alumni (over 30,000), and is searchable by name, class year, location, field of work, employer, student activity, and major.  It is open to all Gettysburg College alumni. Learn how to set up your access.


Reach out to the Gettysburg Network via the platform connectGettysburg, where you have access to over 1,100  alumni and parents who are happy to help you. Learn how to set up your account.

Gettysburg College Professional Network on LinkedIn

The Gettysburg College Professional Network has over 8600 members. It is open to alumni, students, parents of students, and friends of the College.

Gettysburg Events in Your Area

Gettysburg will resume holding events for alumni around the country and the world as soon as it is safe to do so.  But we can't invite you if we don't know your current address! Update your information with us.