35th Reunion Giving: 1985

May 28 - 31, 2020

35th Reunion Records
Reunion RecordsAmountClass Year
Highest total annual giving dollars raised $283,870.24 1981
Highest participation rate 54% 1964

The Class Participation Goal is 115/342 donors (34%)

As of 12/05/19, the class has given $44,485 in cash and pledges to the Gettysburg Fund, Orange & Blue and/or other current use areas of the College in honor of our 35th Reunion. 36 classmates or 11% of the class have given a gift this fund year.

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Class Donors

Mr. Constantine J. Alvanos
Mrs. Michelle Hudson Alvanos
Mrs. Leslie Elsner Bell
Mrs. Mary Masselink Bickel
Mrs. Patricia Carpenter Chamberlain
Mrs. Lisa Lawrence Christman
Mr. William F. Collins, III
Mr. Michael D. Craven
Mr. Raymond E. Cuny
Mr. David G. Dimijian
Michael J. Donoghue, PT, DPT, ATC
Dr. Amy Dilworth Gabel
Mr. Lawrence N. Gage
Mrs. Cheryl Sarr Gillett
Mr. Donald C. Heard
Mr. Donald H. Hecht
Mr. James C. Kirkwood
Mrs. Lee Ann Soder Labecki
Mr. Joseph W. Lynch, Jr.
Mrs. Ann Bolam Manaktala
Mrs. Susan Marshall Marotto
Mrs. Carol Ann Powell McCurdy
Mr. Thomas D. McCurdy
Mrs. Lisa Oxenhorn Moser
Mr. Calvin R. Patterson, III
Mr. Paul S. Porter
Ms. Beth A. Ritchey
Mr. David W. Salisbury
Mr. Adam T. Sherman
Mrs. Linda Laurizio Shields
Mr. Thomas J. Shields
Mrs. Janis Borchert Slutsky
Mr. Michael J. Stankevicz
Dr. Rodney S. Tosten
Ms. Susan E. Ulrich
Mr. Thomas E. Wirth

Class Donors- Thank you!

Gettysburg Fund and Orange and Blue Club, June 1 - May 31