50th Reunion Giving: 1970

Class Giving

  • The Class of 1970 Class Participation Goal is 170/298 donors (57%). 150 classmates or 51% of the class have given a gift this fund year.
  • Our class has generously given $216,072 in cash and pledges to the Gettysburg Fund, Orange & Blue and/or other current use areas of the College in honor of our 50th Reunion.

Reunion Giving in the face of COVID-19

As President Iuliano outlined in his Founder's Day communication, support for The Gettysburg Fund has never been more critical to the College. Because of this, we are asking that you please consider an unrestricted gift to the College in honor of our 50th reunion this fiscal year.

Give online now

Your gift to The Gettysburg Fund will support the College's following priorities:

  • Supporting students to enable full participation in remote learning
  • Supporting employees
  • Financial aid to the incoming class of 2024 and returning students

We recognize that you too are experiencing profound disruptions. As we come together as an alumni community, please know that the College is grateful for all the ways you have impacted the students, faculty and staff at our alma mater over the years.

Thank you for considering a gift of support by giving the College the tools to remain flexible during these unprecedented times. Your gift will make a difference.

The Class of 1970 Fiftieth Reunion Gettysburg Fund Scholarship

Created to honor the 50th reunion of the Class of 1970, the Class of 1970 Fiftieth Reunion Gettysburg Fund Scholarship will help ensure that a Gettysburg education is within reach of high-achieving, talented students from all walks of life. Every time gifts from the Class of 1970 reach the $25,000 mark, a scholarship will be awarded and a new fund will begin. The class goal is to fund at least one scholarship.

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Thank You to our Class Donors

Mr. Frederick W. Anthony
Mr. Timothy K. Armour
Mr. Thomas W. Averell
Ms. Marsha L. Barger
Mr. Stephen D. Barndt
Mr. David C. Berry
Mr. Peter A. Beucler
Mr. James R. Bierer
Mr. Brian J. Blood
Mrs. Mary Ann McFaul Bonos
Mr. Thomas W. Bonos
Mrs. Karen Wallace Borowy
Ms. J. Kathleen Bost
Mr. G. Hunter Bowers, III
Mrs. Laine Ericksen Brainard
Mr. Donald H. Brobst
Dr. Lewis Broslovsky
Mrs. Marilyn Long Burk
Mr. Thomas C. Burk
Mrs. Ellen Goetz Campbell
Mr. William E. Campbell
Mrs. Marcia Strange Cannata
Mr. Kent E. Carlson
Mrs. Christine Young Cassel
Mrs. Cynthia Baughman Cenname
Mrs. Jean Albert Clark
Mr. Warren H.P. Coffin
Mr. Stephen E. Conrad
The Rev. Geoffrey B. Curtiss
Dr. J. Edward Dagen
Mr. J. Michael Davis
Mr. David C. Demko
Dr. Scott R. Derrickson
Mr. James G. Dickensheets, Jr.
Dr. Sandra M. Dudek
Ms. Alyce E. Duffy
Mr. Blake E. Dunbar, Jr.
Mr. Robert D. Eastlack
Mr. William F. Elbert
Mr. William P. Fackner, Jr.
Dr. Arthur M. Feldman
Mrs. Phyllis Kyner Feller
Mr. John P. Fitzgibbon, Jr.
Mrs. Carol McCarty Fox
Mr. C. Gregory Frantz
Ms. Gail A. Garner
Dr. Louis T. Germinario
The Rev. Richard H. Goodlin
Mr. James D. Goodwin
Dr. Joann Hess Grayson
Mr. Phillip S. Grayson
Mrs. Linda Cail Greenfield
Mrs. Gale Flynn Hamilton
Mr. Glenn A. Hammer
Dr. Michael H. Handelsman
Mr. Kenneth L. Hargreaves
Mr. David B. Hazen
Mr. James N. Heston
Ms. Robin Wrightnour Hodgson
Mrs. K. Elisabeth Hoffman Chomko
Mrs. Cindy Dee Holms
Mrs. Linda Abel Hultgren
Dr. Patricia Hughes Hutchinson
Dr. Eric V. Iovacchini
Mr. Gregory Islan
Dr. Bruce B. Johnson
Mrs. Suzanne Knestrick Kennedy
Dr. David R. Kepley
Dr. Warren J. Kerrigan, Jr.
Mrs. Ellen Walters Krauk
Mr. David W. Kulp
Mr. Richard C. LaMagna
Mr. Robert G. Legg
Mrs. Janet Haynes Lehman
Mr. Robert T. Lehman
Mr. George R. Lorah
Mr. John A. Lucas, II
Dr. Stephen M. Lyons
Mrs. Cindy May Manz
Mr. Philip B. Marchbank
Ms. Jeanne T. Maskell
Ms. Kathleen McNamara Matthews
Mr. Robert A. Matthews
Mr. Daniel E. McGarry, Jr.
Mr. Robert R. McKearin
Dr. G. Andrew Mickley, Jr.
Mr. Frank G. Mihovan
Mrs. Cynthia Peterman Miller
The Hon. John P. Miller
Mrs. Judith Woodward Miller
Mr. Richard S. Mumford
Mr. Dean F. Murtagh
The Hon. Arnold L. New
Mrs. Susan Carey Nichols
Mr. Henry H. Nixon
Mr. Thomas P. Oravetz
Mr. John K. Orr
Mr. Richard T. Peebles
Mrs. Kathryn Festger Pierce
Mrs. Barbara Gorman Pile
Mrs. Susan Sterner Platt
Mr. John M. Prugh
Mr. John L. Ricketts
Mrs. Cathy Campbell Romash
Mr. Richard C. Ryder
Lt. Col. Christine B. Saalbach
Mr. John E. Sampson
Dr. Craig W. Schneider
Mr. S. Scott Schober
Mr. Geoffrey A. Scripture
Ms. Mary Lou Robinson Seamens
Mrs. Karlynn Stein Sherman
Mr. Harry C. Shriver, Jr.
Ms. Helen Sigmond
Mr. J. David Smith, Jr.
Ms. Donna L. Springer
Mrs. Susan Seckar Stillgebauer
Mr. John F. Stophel
Brother Alan F. Stortz
Mr. Christopher B. Strunk
Dr. Charles J. Stuckey, Jr.
Ms. Marilynn Malin Sturgess
Mr. David M. Sundman
Dr. Paul S. Teese
Mr. Eric P. Thompson
Ms. Carol Infusino Tokar
Ms. Joan E. Tosh
Mr. Blake W. Trimble
Mrs. Barbara Schneider Tuceling
Mr. William F. Tuceling
Mr. Richard E. Van Ness
Mr. Wayne F. Van Nostrand
Mr. David L. Vidor
Mr. Robert J. Waldman
Mrs. Ann Laubach Walker
Dr. Nelson C. Walker, II
Mr. William W. Walker
Mr. John F. Wallace
Mr. Steven F. Ware
Mr. Jeffrey C. Weber
Mrs. Janet Ritter Wheeler
The Hon. Thomas C. Wheeler
Mr. Edson E. Whitney
Mr. Harry W. Wiggins
Mrs. Carol Reese Wildonger
Mr. Kenneth J. Wildonger
Mr. Bernie C. Witkin
Dr. James A. Yonai
Mr. Bruce C. Young
Mr. Douglas H. Young

Class Donors- Thank you!

*This information is tracking giving from June 1, 2019 to April 16, 2020.

Gettysburg Fund and Orange and Blue Club, June 1 - May 31