Gettysburg VIPs

The Office of Annual Giving welcomes you to continue service to your alma mater by joining a new outreach program, Gettysburg College Volunteers Inspiring Philanthropy or Gettysburg VIP. With your help, there can be an even greater impact on the College through peer-to-peer outreach.

The Gettysburg VIPs program will focus on building alumni engagement through personal stewardship, solicitation, and social media outreach. As a volunteer, you will work closely with a staff member to engage fellow alumni during targeted times throughout the year. The College relies on volunteers to reach out to fellow classmates, alumni, and parents to encourage them to carry on the tradition of philanthropy for Gettysburg. You can help us accomplish this by dedicating time to one, two, or all three areas below.

Volunteers interested in focusing on stewardship will use personal outreach, such as phone calls, emails, and/or notecards, to thank supporters of the College. The main focus will be on outreach to donors who have set up recurring gifts or new members of the Loyalty Circle, the College’s consecutive giving society.

Time Commitment and/or Resources: Volunteers will receive a list of donors to thank once every three months (June, September, December and March). The Annual Giving staff liaison will provide each stewardship volunteer with:

  • a list of no more than 20 donors per quarter
  • notecards, envelopes, and stamps if requested
  • a basic thank you script, which the volunteer should personalize for each donor.

Social Media and Communications:
Volunteers interested in focusing on social media and communications will use their social media accounts and/or email to share interesting Gettysburg College stories and help gain support of the College. The Annual Giving staff liaison will send out stories or call-to-action posts periodically that the volunteer will share to their Gettysburg College networks through social media and/or email. Volunteers who prefer to use social media will be asked to follow these social media accounts: Gettysburg College Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and the same social media accounts for Bullets Athletics. To simplify your role, many of the stories and posts you will be asked to like and share will be shared from these social media accounts. For those who rely on email communications, text will be furnished with a request to forward to your Gettysburg network.

Time Commitment and/or Resources:
The Annual Giving staff liaison may provide call-to-action posts or stories which are time sensitive or which may require multiple postings within a designated time frame. The frequency and number of postings could be higher during the key months of February, May, and December.

The Annual Giving liaison will provide each social media and communications volunteer with:

  • the Gettysburg College social media accounts to follow
  • the content to be shared
  • examples of messages to be included

Volunteers interested in focusing on solicitationwill be asked to contact no more than 20 alumni, during this fund year, who made gifts last year after not giving in the previous year. The main focus for the volunteer will be to ask the alumni to renew their support in the current fiscal year with the hopes of creating loyal, consistent donors. The solicitation volunteer will also thank the alumna/us for his/her support.

Time Commitment:

  • these fundraising efforts will be needed primarily twice each year, namely the two weeks prior to the end of calender year (December 31) and the end of fund year (May 31); additional requests may be made for other special fundraising events during the year
  • contact with alumni will be via phone, email, or mail to make their gifts – whichever is most comfortable for you
  • when the alumnus/na makes a gift, you will write a note or email to thank him/her for the gift and his/her support


  • access to the Gettysburg College Volunteer Online Contact System (VOCS)
  • basic solicitation and stewarding scripts will be provided

Additional expectations:
>All Gettysburg VIPs will be expected to maintain open lines of communication with their Gettysburg staff liaison, as well as provide financial support of the Gettysburg Fund and/or Orange and Blue Club.

Interested in becoming a VIP? Complete the form: Alumni Volunteer Opportunities

For more information contact:
Amanda DeFalco '07, Assistant Director of Annual Giving