Alumni Association Board of Directors Strategic Planning 2013-2014

In the fall of 2013, the Alumni Association Board of Directors embarked on a project to develop a new strategic plan. The board will vote on a final plan at its September 2014 meeting. The executive summary, with links to the full document, is below.  Please email if you’d like to endorse or comment on the plan, and please include “Alumni Association Board of Directors Strategic Plan” in the subject line.

Executive Summary

The mission of the Alumni Association Board of Directors is to promote pride in and loyalty toward Gettysburg College; to assist alumni in marshaling the value of their Gettysburg College liberal arts and sciences education; to encourage lifelong engagement with Gettysburg College and the mutual sharing of talents and resources; and to ensure the brightest of futures for our alma mater.

Background and Introduction

The Alumni Association is governed by a 25-member Alumni Board of Directors (ABD) and operates in accordance with a constitution and by-laws.  The work of the ABD is accomplished through four standing committees—Awards & Administration, Campus Programs, Development, and Outreach.

In fulfilling its role, the ABD has been guided by the mission of the Alumni Association and a Strategic Plan that is periodically refreshed to ensure the “brightest of futures for our alma mater.” Over the course of the 2013-14 academic year, the ABD has gone through a comprehensive review and revision of its Strategic Plan. Out of this process, seven priorities surfaced as focal points for the ABD’s work over the next five years.

  1. The ABD needs to know what alumni need/want from their Alumni Association.
  2. The ABD needs to help the alumni understand today’s Gettysburg while celebrating the College’s heritage.
  3. The ABD needs to deliver and champion the value proposition of the liberal arts and sciences education.
  4. The ABD needs to engage other alumni in building the College’s brand value.
  5. The ABD needs to build “loyalty” and “pride” into our Mission Statement and activities.
  6. The ABD needs to engage the faculty in furthering our Strategic Plan and Mission Statement.
  7. The ABD needs to be prepared and strategic in responding to an alumni base (including current students) that is changing.

We are excited about our continuing and refreshed work; we invite all alumni to review the full plan.