Class of 1999: Class Gift

15th Reunion Records

Amount Class Year
Highest total annual giving dollars raised $44,683.00 1991
Highest total all dollars raised $62,689.00 1991
Highest participation rate 44% 1983


The Class of 1999 Class Gift Goal is $25,000.

The Class Participation Goal is 20% (92/461 donors).

As of 4/18/14, the class has given $19,749.89 in cash and pledges to the Gettysburg Fund, Orange & Blue and/or other current use areas of the College in honor of our 15th Reunion. 55 classmates or 12% of the class have given a gift this fund year.

The following are classmates who have given to the class gift:

Class Gift Donors

Matthew J. Adey
Matthew C. Anderson
William J. Becker
Susan A. Bottone
Paul C. Bramble
Robert A. Brazofsky
Erin Hardy Burns
Kenneth G. Clark
Michael E. Crocco
Andrew B. Danner
Anne Main De Vecchi
James M. De Vecchi
Nicole A. Demers
Heidi L. Dodd
Bradley H. Dutton
Anne Elefterakis
Maureen Miller Elliott
Christopher J. Felton
Anne Marie Moore Ferriere
Theodore W. Fetter, II
Colleen M. Gormley
Michael W. Graham
James S. Green, Jr.
Felicia Seiders Grove
Kristen B. Hart
Ethan J. Heftman
Jay L. Henniger
Scott E. Hildenbrand
Angela D. Hoptak-Solga
Ashley E. Itson
Elizabeth Ulan Jones
Page R. Leidy
Mark R. Lilly
Jennifer Roberts Lobo
Carolyn Thorpe Maslow
Chad E. Mire
Erin C. Quay
Brendan N. Ripp
Susan Butcher Roarty
Hannah Roth
Christopher J. Schumacher
Sara E. Sprenkle
David A. Staneck
J. E. Shanley Cooke Toomey
Cecily Harrison Urenay
Brandon A. Van Balen
Julie Brennan Van Balen
Elizabeth Byrne Villar
Christopher J. Wahlers
Jaclyn Weinreich Wahlers
Jacqueline Trottier White
Kate Costella Winseck
Gregory M. Wirt
Rebecca O'Connell York

Donors to other Funds

Robert M. Crowe

Gettysburg Fund and Orange and Blue Club, June 1 – May 31