Class of 2005

10th Reunion
May 28-31, 2015

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2005 at a Glance

President of the United States:
George W. Bush

United States Population:

Price of a Gallon of Gas:

Best Picture Academy Award:
Million Dollar Baby

Number One Song:
"We Belong Together" - Mariah Carey

Baseball - World Series:
Chicago White Sox d. Houston Astros (4-0)

NCAA Basketball Championship:
North Carolina d. Illinois (75-70)

Super Bowl:
New England Patriots d. Philadelphia Eagles (24-21)

Interesting Fact:
The internet site YouTube goes online.

Reunion Committee

Sorted by maiden name

Who is Returning

The following members of the Class of 2005 are planning to return for Reunion Weekend. If you would like to add your name to this list please email Please remember to officially register in the spring.

Sorted by maiden name

Mr. Stephen P. Ackerman
Mrs. Samantha Baer McVicker
Ms. Katherine G. Banks
Mr. Andrew S. Barclay
Captain Michael P. Barefoot
Mr. Donald W. Bassett
Ms. Julia A. Beatty
Mr. Phillip M. Bodenstab
Ms. Alison L. Booth
Ms. Lisa C. Brierley
Ms. Shanna L. Charles
Mrs. Stephanie Chlebus Kessinger
Mr. Joseph J. Chronowski
Ms. Maggie E. Cirrito
Ms. Rebecca L. Connolly
Mrs. Lindsay Craw Camarda
Ms. Morgan Cromwell Griffith
Ms. Jaclyn M. DePaul
Mr. Jonathan M. DeVito
Ms. Diana L. Eriksen
Mr. Justin R. Fanslau
Ms. Molly K. Gale
Mr. Gavin B. Gore
Mr. Michael G. Griffith
Mrs. Erin Gustafson Curtiss
Ms. Kate R. Hamlett
Ms. Kerry A. Hart
Mr. Peter J. Heckman
Mrs. Jessica Henry Meyers
Ms. Molly C. Kastendieck
Ms. Anne E. Kennedy
Ms. Julia K. Kilduff
Dr. Deanna Kloss Adair
Mrs. Carolyn Kratz Moatz
Mrs. Adrienne Lampe Gilbert
Mrs. Jenny Lebowitz Walters
Mr. Robert E. Lee, III
Ms. Victoria M. Lee
Mr. Stephen H. Light
Mr. Donald R. MacLaren, III
Mr. Frederick W. McBrien, IV
Mr. Gregory C. McVicker
Ms. Allison R. Meckley
Ms. Jaime M. Menegus
Ms. Kathryn L. Mereen
Ms. Devina Mitra
Mr. David E. Monsour
Ms. Stephanie Morano
Mrs. Jeannette Myers McDevitt
Mr. Patrick D. Nicoletti
Mrs. Jacqueline Pareso Root
Mr. John F. Pelin
Ms. Christine B. Piry
Mr. Brian D. Podgajny
Mrs. Victoria Rapport McBrien
Mr. William D. Root
Dr. Jeremy A. Ross
Dr. Michelle Rueffer Bond
Ms. Karen E. Sause
Mrs. Tiffany Scheffer Pitz
Ms. Emma K. Silen
Mr. Thomas W. Simmons
Ms. Tara F. Slade
Mr. Andrew G. Smith
Ms. Megan E. Smith
Ms. Kristin L. Snodgrass
Mr. Marc P. Sorresso
Ms. Rebekah K. Sprole
Mr. Matthew J. Sweeney
Mrs. Erica Tobey Marshall
Miss Lauren A. Travis
Mrs. Emily J. Voss
Ms. Andrea J. Wagner
Ms. Katherine E. Walker
Mr. John A. Walters
Mrs. Julie White Edwards
Mr. Thomas M. Wilk
Mrs. Alison Wyllie MacLaren
Ms. Amy M. Yarnell

Your College Liaisons:

Erin Stringer
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
Campus Box 417
Gettysburg, PA 17325
(717) 337-6533

Amanda Dugan
Assistant Director of Annual Giving
Campus Box 423
Gettysburg, PA 17325
(717) 337-8072