Campaign Priority: Annual Giving

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As the single most important source of voluntary support, annual gifts to the Gettysburg Fund help to shape both the quality and reputation of the College.

Gettysburg College has high educational standards: personal investment by outstanding professors in promising students; a myriad of opportunities for life-changing experiences; and an overarching emphasis on leadership and service.

As the foundation of annual gifts, the Gettysburg Fund helps keep the core academic program robust and current, supports scholarships and financial aid, and funds research programs, athletic opportunities, field trips, and other hands-on learning experiences. It pays for initiatives that keep the College moving forward. Unrestricted, it allows Gettysburg to address priorities in areas of greatest opportunity, keeping the College flexible, able to respond to changes in the economic and educational landscape in ways that best serve our students.


Keeping Gettysburg affordable

Gifts to the Gettysburg Fund help close the gap between our tuition and what it actually costs to educate each student. The more annual gifts are available to meet the College’s operating expenses, the less dependent we will be on tuition revenue.  The result: Gettysburg will continue to attract and remain affordable to high-ability students

Staying competitive

Among our peer institutions and those to whose company we aspire, constant improvement is the norm. Students expect academic programs and opportunities that cover a wide range of interests and span the globe.

To remain attractive in a market in which comparison has become easier than ever, Gettysburg must enhance and advance its operations on an annual basis. Gifts to the Gettysburg Fund allow us to focus our resources on immediate needs and to compete for students who are considering those institutions with which we are most often compared.

Why every gift counts

Not only does every gift to the Gettysburg Fund provide dollars that further our educational goals, but every gift also serves as an endorsement of Gettysburg College—our mission and our importance in the world. The more alumni, parents, and friends of the College engage in annual giving each year, the greater is the message we send about a Gettysburg education: that those who know the College best believe in what we do. High rates of alumni and parent participation also advance the College’s position in national rankings, which leads to even greater interest in Gettysburg on the part of high-achieving prospective students.

What you can do:

No matter how the College has affected your life, an annual gift to the Gettysburg Fund—along with a gift to the endowment priority of your choice and the inclusion of Gettysburg in your estate plans—does more than signal your alliance with our longstanding mission; it has a continued impact on the lives of current and future students, and on the world they will shape as adults. There is nothing more important than your support, this year and every year, to keep our great college moving forward.