The Eisenhower Institute

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“The direction for EI’s growth includes expanding and enhancing its rich public policy studies initiatives and distinct programs of leadership education.”

- Jeffrey M. Blavatt ’88, EI Executive Director

Eisenhower Institute

The Eisenhower Institute (EI) was founded in 1983 as presidential legacy organization by distinguished members of the Eisenhower Administration (including General Andrew Goodpastor, the Honorable Eugene Rossides, Roemer McPhee, Doug Prices) and members of the Eisenhower Family (John Eisenhower, Susan Eisenhower, David Eisenhower).  The Eisenhower Institute has long enjoyed an affiliation with Gettysburg College, integrating fully with the College in 2009. 

The Institute is now a distinctive program of Gettysburg College that prepares the successor generations to perfect the promise of the nation through engagement in distinctive programs of leadership and public policy.  Today’s successors to the Eisenhower legacy are the talented, dynamic undergraduate students and young alumni of Gettysburg College who are accepting the responsibilities of contemporary leadership.

EI students
Students on the 2012 Inside Politics program in Washington, DC. Learn more about Inside Politics.

Active learning beyond the classroom is the goal of EI’s campus initiatives, which include the EI Undergraduate Fellows Program, the Harold G. Evans Chair of Eisenhower Leadership Studies & the Evans Visiting Scholar, Lunch/Learn events, a high-profile Campus Speaker Series, and the Experts In Residence Program.

EI’s on-campus programs—including lectures, panel discussions, forums, town-hall type meetings, and author series events—are open to the public and provide the campus community with venues for direct dialogue with policy-makers, elected officials and public servants. The aforementioned programs support the College’s mission and strengthen its role as a convener and participant in debate of contemporary public policy issues. Moreover, EI’s close connection with the College’s public policy studies major ensures that students not only have the opportunity to become knowledgeable about public policy issues of the past, present, and future, but also engage in experiences that will prepare them to address these issues as citizens and leaders of their local, national, and global communities. 

Jennifer Donahue
Jennifer Donahue
leads the Women In Leadership program. Learn more about this program.

To facilitate careers in public service, EI awards scholarships to qualified high school students (Ann C. Whitman Scholarships), undergraduates (Eisenhower/Hilton Scholarships) and doctoral graduate students (Clifford Roberts Fellowships) along with professional grants and fellowships (American Public Works Association).

The Eisenhower Institute prepares the successor generation for careers in public policy and seeks to assure that this rising generation is ready to assume its responsibilities as citizens and stewards of the public good. Established in honor of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Institute emphasizes education, research and leadership by awarding scholarships, internships and mentor opportunities on issues of critical long-term importance to the United States.