Campaign Priority: Engaged Learning

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Engaged learning is central to a Gettysburg education.

The Hatter Planetarium was made possible by a gift from Mr. and Mrs. George G. Hatter

Since the College’s founding, Gettysburg has helped students make connections—between theory and practice, themselves and others, and classroom learning and potential careers. Their leadership, their success after college, and their capacity to make an impact on the world depend upon these connections. Each day, however, the demands of delivering such experiences grow.

The College’s culture of engagement is evident everywhere: in internships that build  experience toward career goals; in field study that connects students with national policymaking in Washington, DC; in international study experiences that bring students face to face with people and cultures that would otherwise have remained abstractions. Every time a Gettysburg student learns by doing, that student builds a multidimensional perspective and enhances his or her own potential to achieve future goals.

Gettysburg’s history of student engagement and public service is a long and poignant one. The gift of Army reporter and photojournalist Stephen Warner ’68 spawned co-curricular service programs and community partnerships— and eventually led to creating the Center for Public Service. Through the Center, students have gone beyond volunteer work to adopting an ethic of active service and examining the policy issues underlying social needs. From our winter- and spring-break Immersion Projects, to service-learning tied to course work, to student-initiated programs that are helping fight hunger right here in Adams County, Gettysburg has developed a spirit of reflective service.

Although many programs are in place and the College’s commitment is stronger than ever, our ability to support engaged learning opportunities remains inadequate. Funding can be difficult to obtain; more often than not, student interest far exceeds the College’s ability to make such experiences a reality. With greater capacity to take students beyond the classroom, Gettysburg can move beyond its current foundation of experience based programs to include more students, engage them more fully—and spread the effects of a Gettysburg education around the world. “

What you can do:

You are in a position to make such learning experiences an even bigger part of what Gettysburg means for students. By supporting the College annually through the Gettysburg Fund, designating a gift toward the endowment for engaged learning, and including Gettysburg in your estate plans, you will help ensure that more Gettysburg students can have experiences that enrich their education.

Campaign naming opportunities for engaged learning:

Endowed Science Equipment Fund:  $250,000
An endowment to acquire, maintain, upgrade, or replace research and instructional equipment ensures Gettysburg College’s science programs in perpetuity and will enable students and faculty to pursue their research.

Endowed Student/Faculty Research & Creative Activity Fund: $100,000

An endowed fund for faculty-mentored research and creative activities will increase opportunities for current students and ensure that they are available to future generations of Gettysburgians.

Endowed Academic Student Travel Funds: $100,000
Conference, performance, or exhibition travel provides students the opportunity to communicate their research, network with professionals in their discipline, or present their talents to audiences beyond the campus.  An endowed fund will make these enriching experiences available to more students.

Endowed Learning-Through-Practice Fund:  $100,000
An endowed fund will make externships, internships, and volunteer service accessible to students without regard to their financial means or circumstances.

Endowed Restricted Department or Program Fund:  $50,000
An endowed fund can be established to support any existing academic department or program at the College. Funds may provide for lecture series or instructional materials including software, statistical packages, multimedia products, and other resources.

Endowed Library Acquisition Fund: $25,000
Named endowed funds for library acquisitions in content and emerging technology serve as priority investments in Gettysburg College’s educational resources.



For more information about how to support engaged learning at Gettysburg, please contact Ashlyn W. Sowell, Campaign Director, at 717-337-6503 or