Naming Opportunities

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Gettysburg College offers many opportunities for donors to make a lasting impact by naming a scholarship, an endowed fund, or a physical space on campus. Depending on the naming opportunity, donors may make outright commitments, planned commitments, or a combination of both.  



Scholarships are the highest priority of the College’s campaign.  Gettysburg competes with the best colleges for students with unique talents, great intellect, diverse perspectives, and the desire to do great work in the world.  Scholarships make the Gettysburg experience more affordable for these students.

Endowed Named Preferential Scholarship: $100,000
These scholarships are restricted to a specific purpose (such as field of interest, major, geography, etc.).

Endowed Named General Scholarship:  $50,000
Unrestricted scholarships are awarded based on financial need.

Named Gettysburg Fund Scholarship (non-endowed):  $10,000
Named Gettysburg Fund scholarships may be created with an annual gift of $2,500 or more, committed for each of four years.  They may be named in accordance with the donor’s wishes.


Faculty Support

Gettysburg College’s ability to attract and retain a world-class faculty and provide them opportunities and support for excellence in teaching and research will determine our future.

Endowed Named Faculty Chair (new position): $2.5 million
Endowed chairs allow Gettysburg College to create a new academic area or augment an existing one by adding a position to the faculty.

Endowed Named Professorship (existing position):  $1.5 million
Endowed Named Professorships for existing positions enable College leaders to recognize and retain these outstanding faculty members and support their work.

Endowed Faculty Professional Growth Fund: $100,000
The Endowed Faculty Professional Growth Fund is designed to support faculty in their creative and scholarly activity, as well as their engagement in professional conferences and symposia.

Endowed Faculty Innovation Fund: $100,000
The Endowed Faculty Innovation Fund supports the development and implementation of inventive learning experiences for Gettysburg students. These may take the form of new courses or interdisciplinary and integrative courses.


Student Engaged Learning

Engaged learning may be academic or co-curricular; it may include field trips, volunteer service, collaborative research or creative work, participation in symposia and professional meetings, internships or externships, or leadership experience.

Endowed Science Equipment Fund:  $250,000
An endowment to acquire, maintain, upgrade, or replace research and instructional equipment ensures Gettysburg College’s science programs in perpetuity and will enable students and faculty to pursue their research.

Endowed Student/Faculty Research & Creative Activity Fund: $100,000
An endowed fund for faculty-mentored research and creative activities will increase opportunities for current students and ensure that they are available to future generations of Gettysburgians.

Endowed Academic Student Travel Funds: $100,000
Conference, performance, or exhibition travel provides students the opportunity to communicate their research, network with professionals in their discipline, or present their talents to audiences beyond the campus.  An endowed fund will make these enriching experiences available to more students.

Endowed Learning-Through-Practice Fund:  $100,000
An endowed fund will make externships, internships, and volunteer service accessible to students without regard to their financial means or circumstances.

Endowed Restricted Department or Program Fund:  $50,000
An endowed fund can be established to support any existing academic department or program at the College. Funds may provide for lecture series or instructional materials including software, statistical packages, multimedia products, and other resources.

Endowed Library Acquisition Fund: $25,000
Named endowed funds for library acquisitions in content and emerging technology serve as priority investments in Gettysburg College’s educational resources.


Naming of Physical Spaces

The College welcomes gifts to enhance the physical plant. Such funds are used to support specific building and renovation projects. As such, they are fully expended over the course of a project. Donors may make gifts for such purposes in their own names or in memory or honor of another person selected by the donor.  

Generally, naming recognition for a facility requires a gift equal to at least fifty percent of the cost of the facility or project. Naming opportunities for individual spaces in buildings are established when the scope of the project is determined. Specific dollar amounts to name individual spaces are determined in relation to the square footage of the individual spaces and the project as a whole and will vary from project to project.


See a current list of all named endowed funds and scholarships.

Download PDF version of naming opportunities.

For more information about naming opportunities or making a gift, please contact Ashlyn W. Sowell, Campaign Director, at 717-337-6503 or