Kevin Lugo '13

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“I am incredibly grateful to Bruce Gordon ’68 for the generous financial aid I received through his scholarship, and I look forward to the day when I am able to support Gettysburg students to provide the same advantages that I have been given.”

When Kevin first visited Gettysburg College, he had no idea what direction he would take in his college career. Encouraged to explore his own interests before he committed to a major, he fell into Economics purely by chance when he took Econ 101. He said, “Learning to understand how incentives provide rationale for individuals’ behaviors was eye-opening.” Since then he has grown to love the major and he has paired it with another in Environmental Studies.

A semester studying abroad in Denmark exposed Kevin to the amazing possibilities of sustainable transportation, and that sparked an interest in the development of enhanced mass transit, non-motorized transportation, and other means of providing mobility in healthier, cheaper, more responsible ways.

Kevin is grateful to all his professors for their encouragement and inspiration, but he is particularly indebted to Professor Cadigan in the Economics Department. ”Professor Cadigan is the reason I chose Economics as my major. He always pushed me and encouraged me to achieve more.” Kevin is now working with Professor Cadigan to design experiments for his senior capstone projects. Following graduation, he hopes to spend a few years pursuing internships and fellowships in sustainable transportation before returning to the classroom to pursue a Master’s degree in Planning or Public Policy.

In the summer after he graduates, Kevin will ride his bike across the country with 4K for Cancer. Together with 30 other cyclists, he will ride 4,000+ miles from Baltimore to Seattle to raise funds and spread awareness about young adult cancer. "I ride for the countless people I have known who have been diagnosed with cancer, and for all the family and friends who have suffered alongside their loved ones. I ride for those to whom life is unfair, and I ride for those who deserve better." Learn more about his ride.