Raksmeymony Yin '14

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Rex Yin "I decided to attend Gettysburg College because of its small class-size, numerous service-learning opportunities, and highly active student-body. Ultimately, I had to pick the college that provided the best financial aid – that was Gettysburg College."

Raksmeymony Yin ’14 has come a long way to reach Gettysburg. Born in a refugee camp in Thailand, he came to the United States at the age of three. “My family literally had only a few hundred dollars when we arrived,” he says. “We had to figure out how we were to live and strive in this country.”

Determined to succeed, Yin became involved in numerous church and community activities, and took the most rigorous course load he could throughout high school. “Eventually,” he says, “all my hard work and deeds were rewarded with an acceptance to Gettysburg College.”


Yin has since seized every aspect of his opportunity.

Creating the individualized major of Intercultural Studies through Education, he has taken a wide array of courses across disciplines.

At the same time, he has participated in the Garthwait Leadership Center’s Leadership Institute, the Eisenhower Institute’s Women in Leadership program, and the Center for Public Service’s Immersion Trip to the Dominican Republic.

“This scholarship has opened so many doors to opportunities that I have not hesitated to take advantage of,” he says.

While at Gettysburg, Yin has also held jobs as a workstudy teaching aide with America Reads, a Sunday school teacher at Foursquare Church, and a literacy intern with the Adams County Literacy Council.

What project or professor stands out for you as especially significant to your education—and why?

Professor Carol Rinke taught my First-Year Seminar, 29th in the World: Exploring Slipping American Achievement in the Sciences, and she inspired me to pursue education as a major. During my first semester, it was a difficult transition but she guided me through and helped me adjust to the rigorous Gettysburg education. During the end of the semester, Professor Rinke congratulated me on how much I have grown throughout the semester, and she sees a lot of potential in me. Her guidance and confidence has encouraged me to continue striving and persevering for higher goals that are not impossible to obtain.

What are your educational and/or career plans for the future?

At the moment I have numerous postgraduate plans. I am interested in teaching English at the elementary level or in a country abroad for several years. Also, I am interested in going to graduate school to continue studying culture and education then become an educational researcher and professor  concentrating in these fields. Lastly, I am interested in working in international development and marketing and public relations.