Devan Grote '11


Devan Grote '11

Devan Grote '11 arrived at Gettysburg with a passion for writing and literature. Outside of class, her interest in service projects drew her to the College's Center for Public Service (CPS). Devan worked with the Campus Kitchen and Adams County Food Policy Council last summer, and she is currently the service vice president for the co-ed service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega. Her experiences with CPS transformed how she thinks about working for the greater good:

"I did service projects in high school and past College semesters, but through CPS I developed strong relationships with people in the community. The Center encourages us to learn from those we serve and to deeply examine the 'how' and 'why' in each situation, things that people don't always think about when they're helping others. This made me want to do more, to go beyond providing help and to seek sustainable solutions. I want to plan my career around public service because I know that whatever I do after College, I'll do it much better when I'm working for a purpose."

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