Donna and Jay Kappmeier ’63

Donna and Jay Kappmeier ’63

After a long career in the U.S. Air Force, as well as with McDonnell Douglas and Boeing, Jay Kappmeier ’63 remembers Gettysburg’s Honor Code for the important values it instilled. “Being honest, facing your responsibilities, acknowledging issues or problems are all part of a successful career,” he says. He also cites the College’s integration of disciplines and his experience with the debate team and campus radio station as contributing to his success. “I learned to relate a diverse set of disciplines to one another, as well as to think on my feet and to articulate those thoughts in public and private venues,” he says.

Jay and Donna Kappmeier began supporting the College many years ago, and their personal gifts have been enriched through matching gifts. “We were pleased to learn we could create a Gettysburg Fund scholarship to help talented students pursue a fine liberal arts education at Gettysburg College. Contributing to any institution of higher learning is a very worthwhile endeavor,” he says. “I’m grateful that Gettysburg has retained its status as a top college over the years. The administration and faculty are dedicated to providing the best education and experience, and they are always looking to improve.”

In addition to giving back financially, Kappmeier volunteers as a member of the Gettysburg College Alumni Association Board of Directors. “To me,” he says, “Gettysburg College is the definition of a ‘worthwhile’ cause.”


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