Senior Class Gift Committee

The Senior Class Gift Committee works to achieve the Senior Class Gift Campaign goal by facilitating an easy flow of information to students. Feel free to reach out to any member of the committee with questions about the Gettysburg Fund and how your gift can make the difference for future students.

Abby Campbell

Bethany Foxx

Caitlin Madden

Caroline Rando

Casey Butrico

Claire Ryan

Emily Lunardi

Erin Meachem

Fergan Imbert

Frank Arigo

Gerard Toscani

Hannah Bentz

Jake Farias

John Hacking

Jonah Lucas

Julie Day

Kate Schwartz

Kelly Keith

Kelsey Poholsky

Kevin Hartnett

Kyle Chipman

Lauren Alizio

Lauren Perry

Lindsey Gieger

Maggie Laurino

Meghan Bernard * Co-Chair

Michelle Stefanelli

Natalie Young

Rands Keasler

Rebecca Borovsky

Sam Evangelista

Sarah Kaboly

Sarah Scott

Tim Wyle * Co-Chair

Why I Give to Gettysburg